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Equipment Required for all advanced Classes:

  • Pistol
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition per day
  • Spare mags (minimum 4 double stack, 6 single stack)
  • Quality holsters and belt combination. (Please carry how you would daily. Nothing shows inefficiencies like training.) If you have questions about this, please take our Comprehensive Carry class for additional information on daily carry options.
  • Eye and ear protection. (Electronic preferred so you can hear instruction)
  • Blue gun that matches your gun (Pistol 2)
  • Knee pads suggested (Pistol 2)
  • Please wear weather appropriate clothing you can train in. No low cut tops or open-toed shoes.
  • Masking tape
  • Medical gear if you carry it daily
  • An open mind! Training is to make you better.

Prepared Rifleman requirements:

  • Attendance of Prepared Pistol 1 or equivalent preferred
  • A fighting rifle with sling (box mag preferred)
  • 4-6,  30 round magazines
  • Red dot optic or Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO)
  • Belt mounted mag holder, chest rig, or plate carrier
  • 800 rounds Rifle; 50 Rounds handgun
  • Semiautomatic handgun with 2 magazines
  • Quality IWB, OWB, or Drop-leg holster.
  • Rifle Cleaning supplies including a clearing rod

Comprehensive Concealed Carry

Go above and beyond the minimum requirements! Comprehensive Concealed Carry combines an awesome Concealed Carry class with our highly regarded NEXT STEPS class. Earn your Concealed Carry Certificate AND learn the art of concealment, holster options that WORK, how to draw, shoot, and reholster with confidence and efficiency. This is not your average CCH class. Get lots of reps and ingrain motor patterns. 100 rounds
Cost is  $150 for the 1-day course.
No equipment? No problem! We have a rental option available for an extra $25. Rental includes pistol, mags, hearing and eye protection. Find a reliable pistol and holster that works for you and streamline your path to preparedness.

Prepared Pistol

Lecture delves into the warrior’s mindset, situational awareness, and criminal tactics. The range portion integrates moving during the draw stroke, marksmanship principles, tactics to help you prevail, emergency reloads, introduction of FAST (Fight, Assess, Scan, Top Off), Type I,II and III malfunctions, and shooting on the move.
Cost $200 for the 1-day course.

Prepared Pistol 2

Combines our previous Prepared Pistol 2 and Prepared Pistol 3 classes. This 2-day class includes: Strong hand only drills and off-hand only drills, shooting from unorthodox positions. Provides an introduction to managing the clinch, accessing your handgun in the clinch, pistol retention, shooting from retention, and expanding and collapsing retention.

Day 2 includes: advanced marksmanship drills, advanced gun handling skills such as strong hand and off hand malfunction drills. Next we teach how to approach and shoot from cover. Then we progress to decision making, team-work, communication, and medical skills — all while working from cover and concealment. Advanced drills will be performed pushing the limits of your training.

Cost $400 for the 2-day course.

Prepared Shotgunner

The shotgun is an awesome home defense weapon, but contrary to belief, the shotgun is an experts weapon! It requires training to keep them fed to keep them in the fight!

Prepared Shotgunner is a 1-day course at which you will gain intimate knowledge of the pattern of your gun and be able to make effective and precise shots. The class will focus on keeping the gun fed and in the fight. Ready positions, reloads, and malfunction clearing, and transitioning to a pistol will all be discussed and drilled

You will need:

A shotgun with single point sling. If your run a choke, it should be a modified choke. You will want ammo storage on the gun and somewhere accessible on your body. You will need 200 bird shot, 50 (OO) buck, and 25 slugs. You will need a quality pistol and holster IWB or OWB and 50 rounds of pistol ammo.

Prepared Rifleman

At Prepared Rifleman on day-1 you will learn the optimal home defense rifle set-up and basics of battle sight zero in our lecture. Then we will transition to the range where we will drill, sight-muzzle off-set, various ready positions, tactical and emergency reloads, malfunction clearing, rifle to handgun transitions, shoulder transitions, and more!

Day-2 picks up with shooting from unorthodox positions, shooting from around cover, basics of partner communication and navigating tactics such as team-based bounding and peeling.

Up to 800 rounds rifle and 50 rounds handgun are required for the 2 day course. We request that you have taken our Prepared Pistol 1 course or equivalent prior to registration.

Cost $400

Force on Force Training

Force on Force Training will be approximately 16 hours over two days. You will be immersed into every day scenarios to test your Mindset, tactics, skill, and gear.

Cost $500.00

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