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Recommended Gear

The following is a list of gear and resources hand selected by the Prepared Patriot instructors.
This is gear we have tested, stand behind, and recommend for you, our students.

Class items:

BELT for CCW or something equivalent.

Holster: Greenforce tactical or A&E Tactical Supplies (Hudson, NC)

Preferred magazine holster-

Ear protection

Eye protection

Knee pads ( or something similar)

Cleaning kit

Training/dummy rounds ( make sure they are in your caliber)

Blue gun ; the best place to find these are at

Masking tape

Bug spray

Every Day Carry (EDC) Items

Spyderco Delica 4 knife:
Surefire tactician:
Surefire stiletto PRO:
Patrick’s necklace:



Berkey water filter

Mylar bags with 02 absorbers

02 absorbers

Silky Saw


Universal Battery charger

Backpacking solar charger

Anker battery bank

One of the best knives for the money.

Recommended reading:

One Second After

Angery American Series

The Gift of Fear

Unintended Consequences by John Ross. One of the best books ever, banned in multiple countries. WORTH THE READ, look around for a cheaper price.

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