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Not worth the money

February 13, 2024

I subscribed so I could reap the benefits they advertised. But when I got my “personalized” log in page. Most of the links didn’t work, I tried them on my phone and on my laptop, the same results on both. The only link that did work was the one to their store. I found the prices to be marked up just to be discounted back down to make it look like you were getting a good deal. They bombarded me with texts and emails about all this free stuff, just to charge me an outrageous shipping & processing fee. But it gets better, most of the “free” items had in the fine print that you were actually subscribing to more stuff. So you will pay the shipping fees and get hit with another subscription. Total war of time, money, and effort. Not to mention when I called to cancel my membership they tried talking me into keeping it for a ultra low price of $4.99 a month. If they can afford to give it to you that cheap because your going to cancel, then why not just charge that amount to begin with. I guess I lived and learned on this one, that was the most expensive sticker I’ve ever bought in my life! Don’t waste your time and your money on this subscription. I know this probably won’t get published, but I tried to inform the public on your sub standard ways and your overseas operators!

James bates

Great Classes

March 15, 2022

I have taken prepared pistol 1 and 2, prepper med and prepared rifleman. Very thorough and safe. I always walk away from each class having an amazing amount of information, knowledge, new skills and things to work on for the future. Matt, Patrick and Jerry are all great instructors and great guys. They give excellent feedback and regardless of your skill level and education level, if you come with an open mind you will learn more than you thought you could. I will not hesitate to take the few remaining courses that I haven’t taken and repeat the rest.

Brad Banker

concealed carry permit class

October 1, 2021

jerry at prepared patriot is an outstanding instructor he goes above and beyond what is required to get your concealed carry permit. he works with you until you are comfortable with handling and firing a firearm. I would recommend everyone take his class at prepared patriot

jack lozell

Comprehensive Concealed Carry Class

July 13, 2021

Since having my NC concealed carry permit for over 6 years, I decided I needed some updating to my firearm training. Not knowing much about Prepared Patriot’s classes, I figured I would take one to see some new stuff. After finishing the class, I am, without a doubt better prepared knowing more about my firearm and the steps of drawing my weapon and re-holstering it the right way. Up until I took this concealed carry class, I didn’t carry much at all…….now I’m ready to start the right way. The instructors are quite thorough in their exercises of gun handling, drawing and target sighting. I love that they ask you what you learned and if you had any other questions. I totally recommend taking one of their firearm training classes, you will learn a lot and be better prepared if you need to use your weapon.

Phillip Robinson


June 14, 2021

I have taken my conceal carry class with prepared patriot as well as Prepared Pistol 1. Gun safety is always number one with the instructors. The instructors always critique you and help you through every training exercise. Instructors always run through the exercises more than once to ensure you have a good understanding of what you’re doing. At the end of the classes they always ask you what you have learned and what you would like to have learned. I will always support Prepared Patriot.

Allie Morrison

Wealth of Information and Training

May 3, 2021

I took a Conceal Carry Class many years ago and wanted a refresher; well I got that and much more. The prior training I had received was woefully inadequate compared to what I received with the Prepared Patriot group. I left the training feeling much more confident in my skills this time. The Prepared Patriot group advertises that they go beyond the minimum requires for Concealed Carry in North Carolina and believe me, they do! If you are going to get your Concealed Carry Permit, get your training from this group.


The BEST training in North Carolina!

April 13, 2021

I’ve spent the last several years acquiring as much knowledge as I can related to firearms, self defense, and first aid. After taking Low Light Tactics and Prepared Rifleman with Prepared Patriot I can say with full confidence that they are some of the best around. When I take a class I’m looking to gain new information that I can pass on to my own students, each of the classes I took at Prepared Patriot filled several pages in my notebook and I left feeling more equipped to teach my own students, these guys don’t disappoint.

I will certainly be taking more of their classes in the future!

Kevin Caldwell

Thorough and Professional Training for all Levels

April 13, 2021

After two classes Low Light/Medical & Prepared Rifle 1 I have enjoyed the professional and thorough training. I like that they offer comprehensive conceal carry for those even at the beginning stages of training and go further in detail on how to draw your pistol and lay the proper foundation to expand your training. Don’t be intimidated, get with Prepared Patriot NC and get quality professional training. If you believe in individual freedom and understand its your responsibility to protect yourself and others, don’t delay!

Weapons Junkie

Professional staff.

April 13, 2021

Knowledgeable and professional staff made for a very safe and informative experience.


A class worth every penny - I recommend it very highly for those wanting to be both knowledgeable and safe while coming away with some experience as well

March 13, 2021

I took the Comprehensive Concealed Carry Class in March of 2021.

The instructor had us in the classroom for several hours going over the “minimal requirements” thus fulfilling the lawful NC requirements AS WELL as going over cogent and relevant detail and explanations, including laying the groundwork in our understanding of the necessities for successful and safe introduction and qualifying with live firearms.

He then took us to a live fire range and we fired about 60 rounds learning proper technique and safety and targeting. By the time we were ready for the qualifying rounds, each had significantly improved in all those areas.

The class included students with little to no experience, students with CCL from other states needing to qualify for NC, students with some gun experience, and some who needed to do their standard-required CCL renewal. The instructor was able to effectively meet the needs of each level without neglecting or pushing the others.

This student, in her 60’s with some physical challenges, came away with markedly increased overall confidence, understanding, knowledge, and skill and a deeper and realistic understanding of the need for continued practice to become a fully competent and capably effective responder should a life-threatening situation arise.

If you are serious about the responsibilities of having a CCL this is the class for you – bar none.

Kathy Shaiken

Take this class!

March 7, 2021

My boyfriend and I took this class and we highly recommend it. Jerry and the other instructors are highly qualified, knowledgeable and and competent. You can tell that they are invested in their students, firearm safety , and preparedness. We will be taking more classes with this team. The investment is invaluable and the experience gained is immeasurable! Take this class. You will leave with confidence and the experience to be prepared no matter what comes your way!

Tora Kincaid

Better prepared in conceal carry.

February 7, 2021

Great class and instructors. I now have better knowledge and experience in handling a firearm. They go above and beyond with training and explaining the the laws of conceal carry. This is the class you want to take hands down.

Tim Minch

Excellent teaching and training!

October 19, 2020

Great instruction and training in the Concealed Carry Class. The instructors go way beyond teaching the law and basics for shooting to training you to shoot with accuracy and confidence. Although you are in a group setting, I was amazed at the individualized attention each person was given to perfect their skills. Could not have asked for a better class!

Faith Parker

Informative Class!!!

October 18, 2020

Great instructors. Lots of knowledge that I needed being a new firearm owner. I highly recommend this class.


Informative Class!!!

October 18, 2020

This class is packed with knowledge. Great instructors that are willing to answer any questions and help you to improve your firearm techniques. I highly recommend this class.

Sherry Diamond

Great class

October 17, 2020

I highly recommend this class to anyone. Great instructors. Very informative and enjoyed learning more about the laws of being a new firearm owner.

Sherry Diamond

Conceal and Carry Class

October 17, 2020

Very informative class. Great instructors….really enjoyed improving my technique and learning about the laws of being a new firearm owner. I highly recommend this class.

Sherry Diamond

Conceal carry, comprehensive carry class

October 7, 2020

Jerry is an outstanding instructor. I am very happy to have taken this class. I fully recommend everyone to take this class.

Joe yons

Great learning experience

September 5, 2020

This was a great learning experience of safety,gun laws,and how to shoot better couldn’t have asked for a better instructor all around great person would highly recommend them to anyone.

Andrew Blevins

Very knowledgeable

September 4, 2020

Great course curriculum and excellent teacher who are passionate about what they teach. I highly recommend them and their entire course curriculum

Sonia Kelley
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